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MOBILETrak WMS for NISC iVUE Online User Guide


MOBILETrak Warehouse Management System from ID Solutions, Inc. for iVUE is built to help manage the incoming and outgoing material inventory of your warehouse and organization.  It is completely integrated with the iVUE ABS Material Inventory Module form NISC.

MOBILETrak WMS uses custom built web-service integration to communicate with iVUE real-time to the MOBILETrak Client over the internet.  The connection is made either over a wifi or cellular connection so the application can be used anywhere you have a connection to the internet and the MOBILETrak Cloud.  So this could be in the warehouse, in the field or anywhere your are connected.

Although the application uses BARCODING as the primary form of data collection, the true power of the application is working with your material and material inventory transactions AT THE POINT OF ACTIVITY giving your staff immediate visibility to the movement of material inventory as transaction occur.

This user guide makes the following assumptions:

The device (client) has a stable connection to the internet

Customer has set up and mapped the MOBILETrak Barcode Users in iVUE

This user guide will guide you through the general functions of MOBILETrak but will not provide support with the NISC iVUE interface. 

MOBILEtrak is an internet  or cloud based solution. It can run on any device that has an HTML5 Browser and has a connection to the internet.    These devices can be;iPhone





Surface Tablet

Rugged Tablet

And many more....

On each of these devices (clients), the connection to the MOBILETrak WMS Application is easily made.  For the sake of this user guide, we will focus on using a Safari Browser as the client.


MOBILETrak Cloud is designed to be a cross-platform application and run on many different devices. Below is some simple instructions on setting up and launching MOBILETrak for the first time on several different device platforms:

iOS (iPhone, iPad)

First step is to make sure your iOS Device is properly connected to an internet connection either via wifi or cellular connection, Once this is confirmed, you can begin the initial setup for your device. MOBILETrak is a BROWSER based solution so you can launch any browser installed on your iOS Device. This could be any of the following:

Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, etc.

Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, etc.

Launch any of the above browsers and enter the following URL:

You will be directed to the following MOBILETrak Startup Page


Copy and Paste your organization’s MOBILETrak API license Key, making sure to include all characters.

Press or click the SAVE SETTINGS button and you will then be directed to the MOBILETrak Login Page.

Press or click the SAVE SETTINGS button and you will then be directed to the MOBILETrak Login Page.

You will now see the current MOBILETrak Version, Your Organization’s Name and your ERP Platform

You will now see the current MOBILETrak Version, Your Organization’s Name and your ERP Platform


You can now use your Mapped Barcode User’s Login Credentials to launch the MOBILETrak Main Menu

You can now send the MOBILETrak Page to the iOS Homescreen for easy and quick access. This will create a home screen icon as well as hide the address bar, providing a larger screen appearance.

Click on the iOS Share or Send icon and click on Add to Homecreen

Give the HomeScreen Icon a Title and press ADD

add mobiletrak.png

The new MOBILETrak Application ICON and Title will now be available on the Homescreen



MOBILETRAK is a cloud application that runs on the internet.  Each customer is provided by ID Solutions, Inc. a unique API or LICENSE KEY.  This is a secure license that is unique to each organization.

Once you have received your unique API LICENSE KEY, you can use any HTML 5 Browser.  For the purpose of this document, we will be using a Safari Based Browser, however the information will suffice for most browsers.


From the browser window, enter the following URL

The initial (new customer connection) screen will appear and require the API LICENSE KEY to be entered

Screenshot 2018-06-21_10-38-11.png

Once there API LICENSE KEY has been entered, click on SAVE SETTINGS!  This will permanently save (or until it is cleared and re-saved) on the client.  After the API has been saved, MOBILETrak will navigate to the following Client Log-In Screen

Screenshot 2018-06-21_11-06-33.png

A valid connection can be confirmed by locating the LOCATION field on the login screen.  If the location field is populated, then MOBILETrak has successfully connected to the NISC iVUE web services.  If the LOCATION field is empty, click on the WRENCH icon in the lower right hand corner and re-enter the API.

If after the API has been re-entered and confirmed, you do not see a location available, please contact your ID Solutions, Inc. representative or visit the IDS Online Support Helpdesk


MOBILETrak WMS uses the secure external integrated web-services connection to communicate the the NISC iVUE system.  The initial connection uses the secure NISC iVUE user credentials that have been set-up and mapped in iVUE to login to MOBILETrak.

This document assumes that the MOBILETrak user mapping has been completed.  If this has not been complete, STOP and contact your NISC integration support representative.

The initial MOBILETrak Screen is the LOG-IN Screen.  

Screenshot 2018-06-21_11-06-33.png

The Username and Password field are determined by your specific log-in requirements to NISC iVUE.  If the password field is not required, it will not be visible as in the image below.  If your organization uses passwords and the field is not visible, please contact your ID Solutions representative 



Depending on application user interface client, the MOBILETrak Main Menu may have a few different display's.  If the client is a small screen device like an iPhone or Rugged Mobile Computer, the display size and real-estate is smaller than if a larger display such as an Desktop Computer, iPad or Tablet.

Below is an example of each type of User Interface by device type.

Small, phone or rugged mobile computer:

Screenshot 2018-08-02_14-04-24.png

Large Screen, iPad, Tablet or Desktop Computer

Screenshot 2018-08-02_14-07-21.png

Below is a quick visual Navigation of each device user interface:

SMall Main.png
Screenshot 2018-08-02_14-28-05.png
  • Back- The back button navigates to the previous screen

  • Transaction Title- This is the header for the current, active module or transaction

  • Quick Navigation - The quick navigation menu button allows the user to expose the Quick Navigation Menu. The quick navigation menu allows for module or transaction hopping or jumping from transactions immediately WITHOUT using the back button

Screenshot 2018-08-02_14-18-06.png


The Work Orders Module is designed to allow the user to query iVUE and select a open and VALID work order that has been staked by the engineering unit.  Users can use the Work Orders Module to search and validate open Work Orders and view the following :

  • Work Order Number

  • Work Order Description

  • Default Expense GL Account

  • Current List of Items, location and required staked quantity

The work order module allows the user to expense material items from the work order pick list in a "Directed Pick" method, Add material Items to the Work Order, and submit the change to the Work Order to iVUE Real-Time.

Device User Interface (UI)

Small device UI

Screenshot 2018-08-02_14-50-15.png

Large Device UI

Screenshot 2018-08-02_14-50-33.png

In both the small device UI and Large device UI, MOBILETrak prompts the user to either Scan/Enter the work order number OR, Click on an existing/pending work order (as displayed in the Pending Work Orders Pop Up.

"PENDING" work orders are Work Orders that have been worked with but NOT submitted to iVUE.





The INVENTORY Function has its own sub-menu. This menu includes the following tranactions:

  • Material Charge/Expense

  • Material Return

  • Item Inquiry

  • Inventory Count



The Item Inquiry allows a user to look up Material Items Detail by either Item Number OR Material Description. From the INVENTORY Menu, click or tap ITEM INQUIRY

Enter either the Item Number Or Description to view filtered list

Tap on to select the item from the list to see Item Detail

Item Detail.png

The Item Detail Screen gives the user information about the item. From this screen, the user can open and view either ONLY the warehouse they are currently logged into, OR, unlock the ALL Warehouse toggle to see All Warehouses.

All Whs.png

Users can also change or add a BIN Location from this screen. To change or add a bin location, unlock the Bin Location Toggle and modify. To save changes, tap or click the Save Item Button

change Bin.png