Frequently Asked Questions:

Since one of the key points to the solution is that it can update information in real time. What happens when the connection to the hand held device drops? (obviously, in an ideal world this would not happen but realistically this scenario is more than possible)


Since the application is WEB based, as long as the device has a internet connection (wifi, cellular etc.) the application will run.  Nothing is stored/saved on the device at all.  We speak directly to NISC iVUE Web Services that allow us pass data back and forth from the device to your iVUE instance in real time.

Does the application still remain in session and pick back up when connection is re-established?

We set the inactivity time out to whatever you want.  So if the device loses wifi or cellular.. the device will remain at the same point until that period expires.  Default is 30 minutes.

Does the device save the information and then pass all information forward when reconnected?

No. We use real-time web service integration to iVUE.  NOTHING is saved on the device.  If you logged in to one device, and you dropped it and it broke.. Then logged in with another device everything you did is still there.  We don’t have a portal to sync.. Everything is Dynamic between devices, the app and iVUE in real time

Does the application lockup and the user has to start over?


Is the option to have an onsite server still available for “Local Cloud” or is the solution only in SaaS format at this point?

We have two versions for the iVUE integration.  We have an “on-premis” that is installed on a local physical or virtual server.  A SQL DB is also installed.  This is our LEGACY version.  The handhelds connect to the sever app using an RDP Client.  We are limited to the devices in this version but it is all local.  The SaaS Version doesn’t care of the device platform.  As long as there is a HTML5 Browser like Chrome, Dolphin, Safari.. it will work.


Is there any timeline set to move completely to a SaaS solution and discontinue onsite server solutions?

We have no plans to discontinue our support for the LEGACY Version.  In fact, they can run concurrently as they use the exact same web services.  The only caveat to that is that because the DB is different (LOCAL SQL vs. AWS Cloud), there can be an issue with “Pending” or “paused” transactions.

It is my understanding that since IDS has paired with NISC, this is a completely Turn Key solution, is that correct?

Yes!  We have one solution and code base.. Each customer has the same set of code.  We provide tailorable UI Options that allow customers how they want the device to behave, but the app is all the same

What requirements do you have from the customers IT staff generally speaking?

For the SaaS.. None really.. For the LEGACY version, we just need support to install on a server.

Does the IDS application have independent security permission settings or does it pull this from iVUE or AD directly?

MOBILETrak uses the iVUE security permissions.. We login using your iVUE ERP credentials that you set up in iVUE common administration.